Why You Should Start A Blog? Reasons & Benefits

To start with a blog one lucrative and interesting way of expressing oneself. Blogging itself is gradually becoming a means of expression. In which the writer can share thoughts, ideas, discussions, and a whole lot. Let us take a quick look at what a blog post is, what is a blog?

Keep in mind a blog can be seen as a discussion. It is published on www known as the worldwide web. A blog post consists of a distinct or discrete style of the text. The blog post is usually shown in a chronological format. Which is reversed making the most recent post first to be seen at the top of the web page. It normally covered a single topic or subject handled by a closed group of persons.

The surfacing of blogs back in the ”90″ as those with the initiation of different publishing tools. In the past, it requires to know about file transfer protocol. And the HTML as they have the technology used to publish web content. Later on in the “20” specifically 2010, the blog post became interactive sessions because of WordPress. This allows viewers to make comment on posts and share their satisfactory status. And that was the distinguishing factor they had from some static website.

To crown it all, blogging is a form of networking socially as bloggers build a certain relationship with the audience or readers. As a matter of fact, there are some blog posts that shut down commenting. They are referring to as high readership blogs. A lot of blog topics allow commentary sections ranging from sports to politics and different entertainment hot topics. Some blogs are as personal network dairies while others as brand advertisement on a product or a company.


1. Blogging is a form of a diary:

Firstly diary writing is old enough but now blogging takes place of diary writing. This reason explains itself as the blog can be a secret avenue on the internet. As there is sharing of thoughts and helpful tips from internet friends. If you have not huge followers, it is important to know that there is no potential with blogging.

2. Blogging is to be a great experience in writing:

Secondly, this is mainly for those interested in freelance writing as it provides a means to showcase your skill or talent. You will write a post or blog for a company or organization and by link into your posts, they will going to pay you are going to publish as soon as it is created. And it can be promoted by linking advertising links to your posts.

2.1 The social community in blogging

Thirdly, blogging is a form of social networking that provides you a chance to familiar with different fellow bloggers. Bloggers are work in the community of blogging and as such want each other connected. Some websites readers like Blolovin make it easy to have a section for your blogs and still accessing your blog post and articles.

2.2 Blogging provides a link for Growth in oneself

With the growth of blogging, one can express his/herself online and this brings a time for study, reflection, and growth over time. You can improve the previous blog if there are mistakes, errors, and omissions made before.

2.3 A level of confidence achieved

With the help of blogging, one can boost his/her confidence. Due to the full-time activity, blogging brings out your confidence and killing the shy person in you. This explains the fact that you are often the center of attraction as more and more people will like and follow your post and monitor your lifestyle. You are your blog and you decide what you want your blog to look like by expressing your perception, insights, and beliefs.

2.4 High level of the financial up-rise

At present, the use of high-level technology products which results in good output is all due to blogging all in all. There is no do there is no uncertainty blogging is becoming a trend and a great profession. It is a full-time activity and it brings in money if it reaches its full potential. One way to earn money on your blog is by advertising on your site. Advertising the products on your site and you will be paid by sponsors. Instead of doubting with this purpose in mind if blogging is lucrative, for instance, why do not give it a try as there are lots of folks out there who have made it big with blogging?

2.5 Blogging provides room for creativity

Of course, blogging is so good that it makes one impactful in society. This brings another conclusion as to why you should start a blog. Blogging makes one flexible and when this happens, creativity comes in. And the good thing about blogging is that it is stress-free although it requires your time and update on things. You have the chance to bring in creative ideas, thoughts, imagination in blogging and not being stagnant on what to do.

2.6 Opportunities are available

Every blogger in the hope to get organic traffic on their websites. Opportunities are sure to come in any area of our lives and situations we find ourselves in, blogging is not an exception too. The opportunity can be in the form of followers, friendship, financial gain, links, and connection to a different standard of people. Blogging is all about organic traffic on your site. With the help of organic traffic, you have the chance of getting connections to people who may be interested in your skill, your idea, and even your perception of things. On the contrary, you should read How To Start Writing A Blog.

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In conclusion to this write-up, blogging is fast becoming a trend in the society and our world today instead of folding arms and deciding what to do to keep busy and earn a living, why don’t you try blogging? It may be small at the beginning, but with perseverance and hard work, it is surely possible to make it a good source of income and motivation.



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