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I am very excited to tell you how you can use Pinterest? And how to gain followers and traffic straight into your website from Pinterest. There is not any rocket science everyone can do easily. When I was a beginner, I used to find how these pinners got high rankings. I tried to find their way to pin or descriptions pin post style, etc. All the strategies bellow is my personal experience and I learned too, so today I want to share with you.

Yes, I am pretty sure many people knows already but in my all Blogs I try to guide new bloggers.

Introduction To Pinterest

So the first thing you have to understand about Pinterest. Pinterest is not a social media network, it is a search engine like Google but quite different from Google. Millions of people use Pinterest every day. When people search, they see a different pin with beautiful designs and very attractive. If someone clicks on any pin, they straight jump on someone’s website.

So now you understand how you can get traffic straight into your website through Pinterest. You can able to get an incredible number of followers from Pinterest. When you set up the site, you must think about what to do with Pinterest.

Setting Up Pinterest Profile

Here are the steps you must take to set up your Pinterest. The first thing, you must do is create a profile and introduce yourself clearly who you are? What you are doing and write a link of your website into your bio. The second thing creates a beautiful pin that should be very attractive and catchy.

Create images that stand out and generate click-through. Remember you have to be careful about pin size, Fonts colors, text overlays. Because it will help you maximize your Pinterest traffic with high-quality pins. For pin design, you can use Canva because it gives you free images and more beautiful design, colors, Graphs. Also, Canva gives you pre-made templates. You can get from the Creative market I recommend you to use a creative market template. Somehow you realize later on you may know that this is the professional’s choice. Pro-tip is “always use standard Pinterest size pins”.

Importance of Rich Pins

Do not forget to get Rich Pins. Because Rich Pins help you to get better rankings in Pinterest search results. Rich pins can add more content from your site associated with the image. And the easiest way to enable Rich pins is using the Yoast SEO plugin. If you are using Pinterest for business marketing and you have to make sure that your pins are getting an audience. The normal pin doesn’t have a description but a Rich pin has the description and better link. So you need to grab the Yoast SEO plugin into your WordPress. And lastly, remember to claim your website for Pinterest and validate it to Pinterest. The validator; from where you can validate to Pinterest which URLs you want to have rich pins applied.

You need the description for the SEO purpose of having rich pins as well. You should set Pinterest specific descriptions for all images. Specific descriptions need to be added by the data-pin-description attribute to all of your images. Never miss an opportunity to add a call to action to your pin. Invite users to make a click in graphic elements on your pin.

Next hack for traffic to your site. If you want your pin go viral, add “save it” or “pin it” button. If anyone sees your pin then they can click on the “pin it” button and it saves for them.

Best time for a pin

My Next hack about pin timing. If you are posting during the weekend then the best time to target is 8 to 11 PM. And If you are posting your pin during the week then try to post top subjects of the day.

Importance of Niche

Start searching on Pinterest around the topic of your niche. I think it’s important when you write content for features that you know what people want to read. You need to write what kind of content people will be searching for. After that start creating a bunch of things related to your niche, topics. You need to create boards to very specific ones on the areas that you want to focus on your website. Starting from 10 boards but then add more and more content to your website.

If you’re a beginner with a new Pinterest account, you need to build a lot of new boards. In all of your boards save popular pins from other sites to your new boards. When you save any of your pins to the boards, make sure to save at least 20-30 popular pins.

Importance of Group Boards

The next one is you have to find group boards that you can join on the Pinterest platform. Try to find all of the different group boards similar to your niche some of which may or may not allow contributors so if you find any group which they allow you should join them. And it is very important because in groups you can share your pin and people repin your pin, from the Pinterest search bar you can find group boards then open each one of them separately to be able to find the number of followers that particular board and you have an email address that you can use to go ahead and ask to join this board.

Advantage of Trends & Seasons

In the end, my last and best hack take advantage of trends and seasons. Your Pinterest traffic is highly related to seasons, holidays, Christmas, Mother’s day public events, and trends. Following trends can grow your traffic. It’s easy to see the search trends on Pinterest or you will be notified by the platform they send you emails which trends are coming. Get ready for upcoming trends and post regularly your pin that’s all…!



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